Evie Has Arrived!

So I met my brand new niece for the first time last night.  I got to hold her and am amazed at how quickly you forget what eight pounds feels like.  She is just beautiful.  Mom and baby are doing well and in that euphoric first 48 hours where you just can’t imagine what all these other parents are whining about.  I mean, your baby is perfect and sleeps all the time and hardly ever cries.  That is all true in the first two days….the hospitals have planned it that way, so that upon arriving home with your little bundle of perfection you will be completely thrown off balance when that same baby suddenly (and much like a tiny vampire) will ONLY sleep while the sun shines and needs to suck on you every 12.3 minutes in order to sustain that rosy glow for all the night time activities that they want to enjoy.  Okay, having said all that…..she really is perfect.  We took the boys up, with the constant whispered admonishments of “Shush.” and “Hold Hands.” and “Alex, don’t touch that.”.  Alex was particularly in awe because she is a “whole new other person in the world”;  and she is a GIRL….he desperately wanted a sister, so this is as close as he’s gonna get.  The idea of teaching her how to make lattes and scrambled eggs in the playhouse hacienda in our living room is almost too exciting for words.

I am so proud of Ru and Brian for choosing to take on this endlessly frustrating, but infinitely rewarding new life.  Nothing will ever be the same…..once we wrap our hearts around that ‘whole new person in the world’, we can’t imagine a world without them.

love to you all,



About tiffandtheboys

I am a married mom of three boys, still trying to figure out what i want to be when I grow up. However, I can say that any remarkable qualities I may possess are a direct consequence of all the people who have given their love to me over the expanse of my life (which is hurtling toward the deep space of middle age at an alarming rate.). So to all of those people, past and present...thank you for me.
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