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I am a married mom of three boys, still trying to figure out what i want to be when I grow up. However, I can say that any remarkable qualities I may possess are a direct consequence of all the people who have given their love to me over the expanse of my life (which is hurtling toward the deep space of middle age at an alarming rate.). So to all of those people, past and present...thank you for me.

Lost and Found

I have not written in a while.  I have lost several people close to me, and I felt like I couldn’t speak about it without first getting beyond the ache.  But I have come to realize that the ache doesn’t … Continue reading

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Ski Week

They call it “Ski Week” up here in the great white north. And by great white north, I am of course referring to Northern California. I know that my Uncle Mike who lived in Alaska for years is chuckling at … Continue reading

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I met a mom yesterday who has had to experience the unimaginable. It is that thing that every one of us moms has flashed to in an instant, and then, if we are lucky, we shiver and brush the thought … Continue reading

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An A Inside an O

What a feisty, amazing lady you are, Gram. I can see you, climbing into Pappy’s little red and white ski boat after getting breakfast at Black Meadows. You have on your Bermuda shorts with a matching sleeveless blouse tied in … Continue reading

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Life Lessons in the Shape of a Poodle

The house is so quiet.  I can almost feel the sensation of an empty nest.  What is the opposite of a sense memory?  Maybe a sense prediction?  The boys’ grandparents (Nana and Opa) just left this morning after a cruise … Continue reading

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The Drop Zone

It happened so fast.  He turned his wheel (like he had done a thousand times before), but this time his bike bucked him off to the left.  The sidewalk (when did cement get so hard?…it wasn’t that hard when I … Continue reading

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The Ultimate E-Ticket

  I wasn’t quite ready for Alex when he was born.  I don’t think he was quite ready for any of us either.  The doctors said there was “insufficient amniotic fluid” on August 30th, which is code for “his swimming … Continue reading

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