Meet Oswald, the High-Strung, Christmas Reindeer

So, a couple of weeks ago I asked Chris what he wanted for Christmas, and he flippantly said, “You could get me a really ugly holiday sweater that I could wear to work.”.   Mind you, this is his first Christmas at a new job.  So that was as good as a triple dog dare for me.  Several weeks later and a couple of trips to Goodwill and Michael’s, I feel I have met and exceeded the challenge.  So, without further ado I give you, “Oswald….the highly caffeinated, obsessively driven reindeer.”


I gave it to Chris last night, and he assures me that wearing Oswald to the office holiday party at work this Friday, will cause no end of mocking.  This possibility, coupled with photographic documentation, is really all any spouse could ask for.  I am getting a warm, festive, holiday-ish glow just thinking about.

Peace to all.


About tiffandtheboys

I am a married mom of three boys, still trying to figure out what i want to be when I grow up. However, I can say that any remarkable qualities I may possess are a direct consequence of all the people who have given their love to me over the expanse of my life (which is hurtling toward the deep space of middle age at an alarming rate.). So to all of those people, past and present...thank you for me.
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1 Response to Meet Oswald, the High-Strung, Christmas Reindeer

  1. Muffy Casberg-Deats says:

    Love my first visit to your blog, Tiff. Didn’t know Norm, and am sorry for your sadness, and happy to know you are getting back in your groove! Love and Merry Christmas, Muffy

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