Question: How Many WoodChips Does it Take to Fill The Rolled Cuffs of a Two-Year-Olds Pants? Answer: An Infinite Number


Well, we survived Thanksgiving….and my list of things to be thankful for is endless.  Let’s see, hmmm, here are a few of them:  I am thankful that we went to my Auntie Jan’s house, so that I didn’t have to desecrate any part of a sacred bird with my inept vegetarian hands.  I am thankful that there were no serious injuries aside from perhaps a few overextended elastic waistbands.  I am thankful that we were home, bathed, and jammified by ten after six.  In fact, I was asleep before the Charlie Brown special ended, which is somehow both pathetic and wonderful.  Chris spent today having wood chips delivered via dumptruck (a spectator sport to small boys) and then proceeded to haul them around back in order to get us much nearer to completing the Bloyer Playground.  We will be dedicating a bench or special rock to all the brain cells that he and I have lost in our efforts to keep the kids physically engaged and occupied in the interior of our house for the last six years.  Chris is under the impression that I will be able to simply kick them out in the backyard, lock the side gates, and have unlimited time to focus on my nails and bon bons.  However, (as evidenced by the photos of my monkeys climbing ON all the structures, I think SOME supervision may still be required.  Regardless, we are sooooo very proud of him for doing this for all of us.   Everybody say, “Thanks, Dad”!   At which point Sam (a man of few words) says, “Dee Doo”, with just the right, grateful inflection.  Here’s to everyone keeping this holiday simple and peaceful.  We should all remember to say,  “Dee Doo”, to those who deserve it.

Much love to all,



About tiffandtheboys

I am a married mom of three boys, still trying to figure out what i want to be when I grow up. However, I can say that any remarkable qualities I may possess are a direct consequence of all the people who have given their love to me over the expanse of my life (which is hurtling toward the deep space of middle age at an alarming rate.). So to all of those people, past and present...thank you for me.
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